An Old School Girls’ Band that strikes with Grace.

If you ever dreamed of redesigning Rock and Femininity, it’s happening here and now.

Sirius Plan is a Free, Wild and Refined Band.

It all starts in a hotel room, on a Festival night. One guitar and some girls jamming the night away.
“We found ourselves in a common passion: graspable music that can be shared.”
They were caught by their own game.

One concert: what was originally a one shot show becomes a series of love strikes. With a live video posted on Facebook, the Belgian media goes wild and the audience follows along. It was in 2011. Artists united to live the same dream: making music that travels, that talks of humanity to human beings.

A first self-produced 5 track EP, and the love strikes continue: in 2013, they are asked to play in Alabama, and, later, in New York. The magic works, the network expands. Back in France, they are trusted with the production of 4 titles by Sophie Tith.

On stage, the vocal originality of the Franco-Belgian trio works its charm….Laurent Voulzy invites them to perform as first part performers on his tour. Then comes Emmanuel Moire’s turn to rely on them, before Louis Bertignac, in 2015, packs them in his suitcase. Three music tours in France, with stops through Switzerland and Belgium

In 2016 they release their « Dog River Sessions » album, recorded in Alabama. They go on tour in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida.

Belgium’s second most-watched TV channel broadcasts a 60-minute documentary about their journey in December that year.

In April 2017, they charm the crowds at the Festival International of Louisiana, where they play in front of thousands of people before moving on to three venues in New York in May.

Back in France, they hit the studio with new tracks tested on the road in the US. All the while keeping the essence of what they are: a band with one guitar, singing their heart out, purely and simply, in harmony.

Sirius Plan will be back on tour in France and abroad in 2017/2018


Claire Joseph : Bass, Piano, Vocal.
Skye : Guitars, Vocal.
Gaelle Mievis : Drums, Vocal.

Translation by Clara CASSAN, Carole Cassier and Anna Polonyi